The idea behind this blog is to reposition healthy eating in a fun and funky way. It’s taking the hippy green out of health food. And, importantly, it’s a friendly expose of the bright and colourful kaleidoscope of bullshit the commercial food industry feeds us. All the pretty colours that are making us all go slightly mad…….. It unpacks some of the myths and legends about about the hotline between our belly and our brain and hopefully helps to make us all just a wee bit cheerier.


While their is a slant toward a kid’s market, it is for the kid in anyone who wants to take serious not too seriously and dress it up a little and maybe play around with it a little and share it it a little. This is not for the blinkered folk. This is for the adventurous folk. It’s not for the lazy, it’s for the creative. Its about getting your hands dirty and trying something new that may just be good for you. A love story with magical food. And we call this type of eating Blooming. Leave Banting for Tim Noakes and his merry band of scientists. Blooming is for the love of food.

bicycle boy

The kitchen becomes a veritable reservoir of creative and magical events, in which the cook who posesses this talent becomes artist, healer and lover. Culinary activity involves not just the combination of prescribed ingredients, but something personal and creative emanating from the cook, a magical quality which transforms the food and grants its powerful properties that go beyond physical satisfaction to provide spiritual nourishment as well.


In addition, the blog will share ideas and resources for presentation and packaging, bundling and beautifying. In the era of the craftsman, why should homemade be any less than spectacular.


This blog gathers up these ideas of the love affair with healthy food, it feeds the mind, the body and the soul and taps into the madness we have created regarding food and the creative heart that lies within it all.

Hope this magical place gives you some food for thought